Julia is a gifted clinician who possesses outstanding listening skills, effortless compassion and boundless empathy for her clients. She is a skilled professional who deftly guides her clients through very challenging and rewarding personal growth. Julia has an inherent ability to understand what her clients need and grounds her work in compassion and understanding. As a bonus, Julia is very calm, funny, and extremely easy to talk to, making everyone feel at ease around her. If you are looking to grow towards your highest potential as a person, you have come to the right therapist!
— Marisol Orea, LMHC - Clinical Supervisor
Julia Baum is a terrific counselor, she is someone with whom I regularly collaborate with, cross-refer, as well as seek professional advice. Julia is a pleasure to work with, she is empathic and takes an active approach in her client’s recovery. I would highly recommend Julia!
— Stefanie Robison, LMHC - Colleague
I have always known Julia to be caring and empathetic as well as extremely knowledgable. If you’re looking for a great therapist, you’ve just found one.
— Mitchell Kleinman, LMHC - Clinical Supervisor
Julia was my supervisor at my internship for the 2016-2017 academic year. Julia was incredibly emphatic and cared very much not only about my growth as a budding professional but also about the welfare of my patients. Julia has gone above and beyond to provide guidance and support in challenging situations. She has imparted valuable skills and insights that have helped me in all aspects of my work while also allowing me to cultivate my own therapeutic voice. She was also open, non-judgmental, and honest throughout our work together, whether I was bringing up countertransference, feeling “stuck,” or made a mistake. Julia is incredibly dedicated and passionate about her work and leaves a lasting impact on those with whom she works, be it a supervisee, colleague, or client.
— Nicole C., MHC - Clinical Supervisee
Julia has such a warm and compassionate energy. She is thoughtful and empathic and allows people to feel truly heard and understood. She is super skilled and knowledgeable in rational emotive therapy and effective in promoting change.
— Marissa Moore, LMHC - Colleague