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Feed Your Mind, Body and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Join Walking in Other People’s Shoes for an evening to enhance your entrepreneurial spirit. During this immersive self-development experience, enjoy a sensational meal and wine pairing created exclusively for us by executive chef, Vanessa Ceballos, of Firefly Petite Cafe Bistro in Sunnyside, Queens.

At this intimate event, we’ll start the evening with an empowering mindfulness exercise to root you in your purpose and energize your entrepreneurial spirit, led by our Wellness Advisor, Julia Baum, LMHC. From there, enjoy the pleasures of a finely prepared three-course meal as we take a deep-dive into the ins and outs of developing a thriving career built on passion and creativity. Our discussion will start with a structured interview with Vanessa about how she carved her path as owner and executive chef of Firefly, and will lead into a group conversation to facilitate learning and growth for all of our guests. Learn to start or develop your business. Explore the challenges and rewards of leading a purpose-driven life and build your support network.

This is an excellent opportunity to develop meaningful connections with like-minded and inspired women in your community and support each other.

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Overcoming Fear to Pursue Your Passion
Overcoming Fear to Pursue your Passion

Join me and Walking in Other People’s Shoes for an intimate chat with their November guest blogger--recovering corporate lawyer/fitness entrepreneur Sheela Pai--about how she overcame her fear of ending her decade long legal career to pursue her passion of fitness consulting and blogging. We’ll discuss how she worked through her concerns about taking the leap and other hurdles she faced. Healthy snacks will be provided.

To reserve your spot, please RSVP by emailing Seating is limited! Tickets are $15 per person and can be paid via Venmo. 

Julia Baum is a licensed psychotherapist who helps creative entrepreneurs overcome productivity blocks, procrastination, and work/life imbalance. She uses evidence-based therapeutic practices, ancient philosophy, mindfulness, and understanding from her own background in the arts to help her clients reach their full potential. She holds a MSEd in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Julia works in private practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Find her on IG at @yestherapy, Twitter @juliabaum, or Facebook at @juliabaumtherapy.

Sheela Pai is a recovering former corporate litigator turned fitness consultant and blogger. As a consultant, Sheela works closely with studio owners and other fitness entrepreneurs to develop strategies for building their businesses and growing their communities. On her blog A Healthy Slice of Pai ( and Instagram (@ahealthysliceofpai) she shares her experiences and lessons learned as an active fitness enthusiast in the NYC boutique fitness scene, her triumphs and takeaways as she trains for the NYC Marathon and beyond, and her thoughts about current trends in fitness, health, and wellness. 

Walking In Other People’s Shoes is a blog community for women to inspire and encourage each other by sharing how they found their voices. In addition to the blog, they host workshops to help women to find and strengthen their voices.

Are your emotions hurting your business?
Julia Baum | CBT Therapist | Blog Post - Are your emotions hurting your business.jpg

I read an article the other day for business owners that frustrated me. It said that all emotions get in the way of running a successful business. As a CBT therapist, I can tell you, that sounds insane. I was annoyed that creative entrepreneurs are being told to damped their passion -- to squelch their feelings and live like robots. Have you ever worked with someone who’s lost their passion? It sucks! One of the last things I want is for my clients to try numbing out their feelings in an attempt to be more effective in business.  

Humans are emotional beings by nature. Existing with feeling is part of what makes us people and not plants. Asking anyone to turn off that innate process is not only unrealistic but also unwise. We respond to our feelings through the actions we take. Having strong healthy feelings around your hopes and dreams fosters the strength and grit you need to work hard, overcome setbacks, and keep going. Remember that lackluster colleague? Are they doing anything exciting right now? Without emotion, we usually fall short of our potential to influence and lead others.

Not all emotions are helpful though. Some actually encourage backward tendencies, like wanting to give up, procrastinating, and avoiding responsibility. Unhealthy feelings also encourage unhelpful thinking: for example, when we feel overwhelmed, which is an unhealthy negative emotion, we tend to think in self-defeating ways -- “Everyone is going to think I’m a fraud. Maybe I should put off this launch; I’m too stressed right now. Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

Knowing that feelings drive subsequent thoughts and behaviors, it’s wise to mindfully foster healthy, productive feelings that propel us to do our best work, maximize opportunities for success, and prevail over challenge. As a therapist, I would never encourage a business owner to leave emotions out of their work. I want my clients to handle the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with resilience and grace, not like a zombie.

Here’s proof that even negative feelings, if they’re healthy, can be helpful: my annoyance about that article prompted me to write this one, which I hope will inspire you to consider the types of emotions you feel and how they impact your business. If you think your emotions are getting in the way of your full potential, therapy might help. I welcome you to contact me for a free consultation.